13 Reasons to Visit a Working Winery

Why Visit a Working Winery? What do we mean by a working winery? A working winery is where all the winemaking actions take place. From bud break to harvest, to fermentation and aging; you can see it all at a working winery. Walking in a winery’s vineyards can be a memorable experience that allows you … Read more

Exciting Virtual Wine Country Encounters

Each year we plan on taking a trip to a far off wine country or to a wine country we have not visited. With the Pandemic and other issues, travel afar is not possible. But we can see the world-famous wine country in a virtual experience. Here are some exciting virtual wine events to mark … Read more

How One Winery Mastered Take-Out, Made-At-Home & Pick-Up Wine Pairing in the Era of COVID-19

Lakewood Vineyards COVID-19 has affected virtually all industries, with the service and hospitality sectors taking an exceptional hit. With restaurants, bars, and pubs all being closed to the public for indoor dining, pick-up, take-out, and delivery services have been expanding and adapting at a rapid pace to keep these establishments from closing their doors for … Read more

Wine Labels 101: Beware of judging wine by it’s label

Have you ever wondered what “Reserve” really means on a wine label? What
about “Estate” and “2008”? You may be surprised to learn that “Reserve” is
meaningless, “Estate” is meaningful only when joined with the word
“Bottled”, and although “2008” has a well-defined meaning, it’s not what you

Ten Wine Things to Do at Home

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We hope this finds you and your family healthy and coping with our gut-wrenching crisis. I am finding wine more enjoyable these days. Maybe these ten wine things to do at home will somehow ease the day. Host a virtual wine happy hour We are doing this with five couples, each in our homes. We … Read more

Can’t Go to Wine Country

Can’t go to wine country, how about a wine country movie or book? Last Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we were in Paso Robles wine country. We had a fabulous time visiting tasting rooms on the backroads of Adelaida Road. We loved the dining experience at Buena Tavola and La Cosecha near the City Park. What … Read more

Not too late for Valentine’s Day in wine country

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Valentine’s Day Wine Country So you blew it, and it’s too late to find lodging and dining in the wine country for Valentine’s Day. But, it is never too late to plan a fantastic and romantic one-day getaway. A visit to a sparkling wine producer that will make for an excellent Valentine’s Day. You might … Read more

Big Wine Country News – Revelations, Michelin Stars, Best Wine Books

Learn about your local winemakers   NBC Bay Area TV: Bay Area Revelations is an award-winning series. The program returns on December 8, 2018,  at 10 pm. Bay Area winemakers will be featured in a new documentary: America’s Wine Country. America’s Wine Country features vintners whose stories have been instrumental in shaping our wine country to world-class fame. … Read more

Wine Country Bocce Party

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How to Plan a Wine Country Bocce Party Gather your family or friends for a casual wine country Bocce party. The great thing about Bocce is you do not need to be athletic to have fun and participate in a competitive game of Bocce. Young and old, fit or out of shape, all can be … Read more

40 years after Judgement of Paris – strange facts

Stags Leap 1972 Cabernet

40 years after Judgement of Paris – strange facts Both Chateau Montelena and Stags Leap Wine Cellars are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the “Judgement of Paris.” It’s a great anniversary in wine and a great PR event for these two wineries and the entire Napa Valley wine industry. The blind tasting results shocked the world of … Read more