How to host a fun and casual wine tasting party

How to host a fun and casual wine tasting party

How to Host a Fun and Casual Wine Tasting Party

These wine tasting parties can be very fun events. All guests should have no worries about how much they know about wine. Make it fun and light. Here are some ideas and tips for hosting a fun and casual wine tasting party. Follow these ideas and you will a terrific wine tasting party.

Ideas for a fun and casual wine tasting party

  • Twelve to sixteen people are about right for one of these wine tasting parties.
  • One 705 ml bottle of wine can easily is enough in small amounts for 12 to 16 people.
  • Four to six wines for comparison and rating is about the right number.
  • Set a theme for the wine tasting.
  • Bag your wines.
  • Pour about 2 oz of wine in each glass.
  • Use our easy scoring sheet to score the wine. Then repeat with the next bottle of wine.
  • Provide simple hors d’oeuvres for the guests. Mild cheeses and crackers are an excellent choice. They help neutralize the palate between wines.
  • Collect the scoring sheet and tally the scores.
  • Return scoring sheets to each.
  • Announce the results.
  • Schedule the next wine tasting.

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