POSTED ON March 16, 2020 | IN Wine Information, Wine News, Wine Tourism | BY Joe Becerra
The view atop Daou Mountain at Daou Vineyards

Can’t go to wine country, how about a wine country movie or book?

Last Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we were in Paso Robles wine country. We had a fabulous time visiting tasting rooms on the backroads of Adelaida Road. We loved the dining experience at Buena Tavola and La Cosecha near the City Park. What a change one week can bring! Governor Gavin Newsom tells tasting rooms and wineries to close. Our President declares a National Emergency. We have a Shelter-in-Place for six Bay Area Counties.

While in Paso Robles, we visited three tasting rooms. All were quite busy with tourists. The staff was diligent in sanitizing counters and registers. None of that works when one infected person coughs or sneezes.

If you are experiencing wine country withdrawal, try a good movie or book about wine country.

List of Favorite Wine Country Movies and Books

“Sideways” is one of my favorite movies of all time. We like to watch it at least once a year. Why is it a favorite? Check out this article I previously posted.

Another fun movie is “Bottle Shock.” It is an account (loosely based) on the famous tasting in Paris in 1976. California wines took the top honors over the best French wines.

There once was a very popular soap opera about a feuding family who owned vineyards and a winery in the Napa Valley. The show and the name of the winery was Falcon Crest. The present-day Spring Mountain Winery in St. Helena served as the location for Falcon Crest.

The show ran from 1981 to 1990. Amazon Prime has the series for streaming at a Rent or Buy price. See this link for more information on Falcon Crest.

Wine Podcasts & Video

With your electronic devices and earbuds, there are many wine podcasts and videos available. Wine Enthusiasts and the Wine Spectator are the best and most accurate ones worth downloading.

Thank goodness, we have vino to keep our sanity during this unbelievable time.