Fall colors in wine country

A Vineyard Year – See what each season brings to the wine traveler

Have you been to the California wine country during each of the four seasons of the year? Late Spring, summer, and early Fall are the most popular times to travel to California wine country. That’s great, but you miss out on the year-round beauty of the vineyards. Each day brings something different to the vines. We travel to the wine country each month to various wine regions. Photography is a hobby, and I have a vast collection of wine country photographs. I  selected photos from each month of the year to put together this slide video. This video of a Vineyard Year represents the significant events and activities that occur during the four seasons of vineyard life. Some of the significant events in the vineyard are pruning vines, bud break, veraison, harvest and crush, and the Fall colors. You will see them all and more in this video. Perhaps the A Vineyard Year will inspire you to travel to the wine country throughout the year.

No matter what time of year one travels to wine country, there is grandeur in the vineyards. Watch the video and see how a vineyard changes from January to December.

Photographs by Joe Becerra
Music by Marc Cary, “Walk with Me” from the album “Focus”

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