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A few must-have wine books for the wine enthusiast

These best wine books are on my bookshelf. Some are to be read cover to cover and others are to be used for reference. Any of these best wine books will make a great gift for any occasion for those interested in wine. You may buy these wine books at Amazon, we are an Amazon Affiliate. Click on the title link and get more information and to purchase from Amazon. The Well-Equipped Wine Geek has a well-equipped wine library. Any of these books will make a great gift for your wine-loving friend.

We just received a sample copy of On California From Napa to Nebbiolo – Wine Tales from the Golden State.  Buy it at Amazon.

The Winemakers of Paso Robles – New! The ultimate coffee table book for wine enthusiasts. The book details 50 vintners and describes the passion that led them to make wine in Paso Robles. Fantastic photographs!

How to Taste: A Guide to Enjoying Wine

The Wine Bible

Kevin Zraly Windows on the World Complete Wine Course: 30th Anniversary Edition

Perfect Pairings: A Master Sommelier’s Practical Advice

The Wines of Burgundy

The New France: A Complete Guide to Contemporary French Wine

The Oxford Companion to Wine, 3rd Edition

In Search of Bacchus: Wanderings in the Wonderful World of Wine Tourism

World Atlas of Wine

American Wine: The Ultimate Companion to the Wines and Wineries of the United States

A Perfect Score: The Art, Soul, and Business of a 21st-Century Winery

Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine 2017: 40th Anniversary (Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book)

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