For hosting a serious wine tasting party you will need:

    • A set of wine glasses for each taster. You may want to have each guest bring their own set of matching wine glasses. One glass is needed for each wine tasted.
    • A Wine Placemat for each taster (contains a pattern for placement of wine glasses).
    • A Scoring Sheet to evaluate and score the wines.

  • Bags to completely cover the wines. Removing the entire foil on the neck of the bottle might also be a good idea.
  • A spit cup. Why? Because one can only drink so much wine before the taste buds and sense of smell fade. Plastic beer cups make for ideal spit cups.
  • Plain crackers or bread sticks are needed to clear the palate.
  • Open all the wines, cover them with the bags, and label each bag with a number or letter of the alphabet.
  • Set the wine glasses out on the wine placemat. Fill each glass with 2 to 4 oz. of wine.
  • Make sure you pour the correctly labeled wine into the corresponding wine glass on the placemat.All the wine glasses should have the same amount of wine.
  • There are various ways to conduct the tasting. The wines can be tasted one at a time followed by discussion. Or, each person can taste all the wines independently and then talk about the wines, and then do a taste again of any wine in doubt.
  • Score the wines, tally each taster’s score and then rank all the wines.

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