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Paso Robles Wine Country Planning Guide

Welcome to the Paso Robles Wine Country Planning Guide. Paso Robles has eleven official AVA’s or wine appellations. Discover these AVAs of Paso Robles through our exciting Wine Country Planning Guide. The wine trails and routes we have drafted will take wine country travelers through stunning backroads. Our guide includes where to stay, dine, and fun things to do in Paso Robles. Happy Travels! Check out what each season brings to the wine country.

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The two views of Paso Robles wine country

We have been traveling to Paso Robles wine country for many years; well, before wine country became “a thing” in Paso Robles. The City of Paso Robles was mainly a cowboy town with saloons and steakhouses, boot shops, and hardware stores. 

Fast forward to 2020, and we still have a bit of the cowboy in Paso Robles (Check out the Pine Street Saloon to get a feel for cowboy life in Paso), but, by and large, the town has gone very much upscale and wine oriented. Many gourmet restaurants surround the City Park, and there are twenty-four winery tasting rooms to visit and to try Paso wine. Surrounding Paso Robles are eleven AVA’s, or wine appellations, and over 200 wineries producing a wide range of wine varietals. When we go to Paso, we always stay at the Paso Robles Inn. It has been there since 1891. A fire in 1940 destroyed the hotel, but it was rebuilt a few years afterward. The hotel is on the main drag, Spring Street. Before the Freeway 101, it was the way to the South. The Paso Robles Inn is convenient for us, comfortable, clean, and affordable. We can walk to shopping, dining, and more. Nothing tells the tale of two Paso Robles than comparing the Paso Robles Inn to the Hotel Cheval. The Hotel Cheval is the new Paso Robles. “Paso Robles’ most exceptional boutique luxury hotel.” It is upscale and chic. It represents how wine country has changed much of Paso Robles. The Paso Robles Wine Country Planning Guide is your best source for your trip preparations.

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