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A serious wine club blind tasting of six wines

Free wine scorecards for a wine tasting party

Choose from two free wine scoring cards. The first is for a casual and fun wine tasting. It is perfect for a fun party atmosphere. This score sheet is excellent for wine drinkers of all types. It can be very educational to taste wines using this scorecard. The second wine scorecard is for the serious wine tasting, a blind tasting of wines. 

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Wine Tasting Party Scoring Sheet | Wine Ratings – Easy Score Sheet

This wine scorecard is for the not so serious wine tasting party. The scoring is easy and fun! Quick and measurable! Enjoy!

wine score card
Easy wine scorecard for a wine tasting party

Download the Easy Scoring Sheet

Wine Tasting Scoring Sheet | Wine Scorecard | Blind tasting scorecard

The best way to use this wine scorecard is for each taster to tally up their score for each wine. The host should then tally up all the raw scores from each individual for each wine. The wine with the highest raw score is the highest rated. We use a spreadsheet on a iPad to calculate the scores quickly and accurately. This score card is the one that the Vintage Wine Tasters use for judging their blind tasting. 

Download the wine scorecard for a blind tasting

wine scorecard
Use this wine scorecard for a blind wine tasting

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