13 Reasons to Visit a Working Winery

Why Visit a Working Winery? What do we mean by a working winery? A working winery is where all the winemaking actions take place. From bud break to harvest, to fermentation and aging; you can see it all at a working winery. Walking in a winery’s vineyards can be a memorable experience that allows you … Read more

Where to go in California Wine Country 2023

Where to go in California Wine Country in 2023 January is the time to plan your 2023 vacation to California wine country. So where should you go in wine country this year? We cover 14 different wine regions, and we are here to help with that decision. Here are things to consider when choosing your … Read more

The Secret of Ballard Canyon AVA

Ballard Canyon AVA

The secret of the Ballard Canyon AVA is the Syrah.  The grapes from this AVA produce spectacular Syrah wines,  and very few people seem to know about it. I am a big fan of Syrah. I purchase Syrah regularly from two small family-owned wineries: Montemagiorre in Dry Creek and Cedarville in Fair Play in the Sierra Foothills. … Read more