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We hope this finds you and your family healthy and coping with our gut-wrenching crisis. I am finding wine more enjoyable these days. Maybe these ten wine things to do at home will somehow ease the day.

wine things to do at home
Ten wine things to do at home during the Pandemic

Host a virtual wine happy hour

ten things to do at home with wine

We are doing this with five couples, each in our homes. We are scheduling this for once a week at 5 pm. Each couple has a glass of wine in hand. In just a short order, we have lots of laughs. It is so good to see our friends. We cannot hug, but we feel the vibes. We are using Zoom, but there are several other ways to do this.

Order wine to your door

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Stock up your wine collection. Support your local wine shop and wine from wineries that you enjoy. Try some wines from different wine regions. Have you tried Oregon Pinot Noir wines? Try some fantastic Syrah and Cabs from Washington. Try wines from abroad. We have ordered wines from Weimax Wines, K&L Wines, and a couple of wineries in Sonoma. There are many wineries offering discounts on wine and shipping costs.

Pair food and wine

Many of us are cooking more home-cooked meals. It is rewarding and therapeutic. It is an excellent sense of accomplishment to get a gourmet meal to the table. Preparing a meal includes pairing it with the proper wine. Choose a wine and see how it works. Here are some tips.

St francis wine and food
Pan Seared Day Boat Scallop paired with St. Francis Sauvignon Blanc

Improve your wine tasting skills

Take a look at the back label of a wine bottle to see if it has tasting notes. If it does have a description of the wine, it probably comes from a PR person. What do you think about the wine? Why do you like it? How do you rate it on a scale of One to Five? Use this easy-scoring method and rate the wine you are having for dinner. Even better, open a couple of bottles of similar wines. Then compare and evaluate them. Don’t worry, the wines will keep for a few days after opening. Keep them in the fridge.

wine score card
Easy wine scorecard for home wine tasting – Download and Print

Watch wine-related movies

Check out our list of the best wine movies to watch. The latest is “Uncorked,” now streaming on Netflix. Our favorite all-time wine movie is “Sideways.” “Sideways” take place in the Santa Barbara wine country. Once the Shelter- in-Place is over, you can relive the “Sideways” movie by following the Sideways Wine Trail.

Read a good wine fiction novel

Curl up with a good novel that has wine as the theme. We have a list of great wine mystery books on this page. We also like the Commissario Brunetti books by Donna Leon. These mysteries take place in Venice, Italy. Wine and food are always in play here.

Take part in a virtual tasting room at a winery

All winery tasting rooms in California, Oregon, and Washington are closed during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Many wineries are taking to a Virtual Wine Tasting. The San Jose Mercury News has a list of wineries offering Virtual Wine Tastings.

Take a free wine course

If you have a library card, you can download the App “Kanopy” and have access to a ton of free movies and educational videos. Great Wine Courses offers several including “The Everyday Guide to Wine,” Becoming a Knowledgeable Wine Buyer,” and “Winemaking from Harvest to Bottle.”

Listen to Wine Podcasts

There are plenty, some great and some not so great, podcasts. We like GrapeRadio and Wine Enthusiast Podcast. We also like to listen to cooking podcasts. Chef Samin Nosrat has a new podcast related to staying at home. Home Cooking gives some excellent tips for cooking during the Shelter-in-Place.

Check your wine geek inventory

How are your wine gadgets? Do you need a great corkscrew, a decanter, a wine cooler, or more wine glasses? Now is a good time to shop online for wine items. Wine Gadgets

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