Buying Wine at a Winery


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Buying wine at a winery
Buying wine at a winery


Buying wine at a winery, any deals?   Pros and Cons revealed

Here are some tips on buying wine at a winery

Where will you store it before you arrive home if you buy wine? In the summer, a car trunk gets very hot, quickly reaching temperatures that may harm the wine.

Larger production wineries sell their wines through distributors. In general, you will find the cost of these wines to be less on the shelf of wine stores than at the winery. Many wine retailers will buy on volume and will be able to offer the wines at less than the list price recommended by the winery.

Smaller production wineries have limited distribution and are more difficult to find in retail wine shops. The only way to buy these wines is at the winery or through the winery’s Website. The wines are usually not discounted because of the limited distribution.

Even high volume production wineries, many wineries will only sell reserve bottlings or specialty wines through their wine club or at the winery. The pros and cons of joining a wine club.

Occasionally wineries will run special sales. If the winery has a newsletter or mailing list, sign up. This way, you will find out about special sale events at the winery. Often wineries with excess inventories will discount their wines to make room for the next vintage.

We have often purchased wine at a winery only to get it home and be disappointed. But, on the other hand, wine always tastes better at the winery. It’s the ambiance!

If you join a wine club, beware of the shipping costs. You may pay more for a wine that you find for less at a local wine shop. The pros and cons of joining a wine club.


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