We recently added two helpful articles. The first is “Where to Go in California Wine Country in 2023. The second is all about the “Big Three Wineries in Paso Robles.”

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Best wine country travel books

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We love wine country. We love searching for wine, food, and other delights. These pages contain our discoveries from years of traveling to all the great wine regions of California and other famous wine areas. Follow our wine trails and recommendations for where to wine, dine, lodge, and have other fantastic adventures.

Since the days of COVID, wine country has been different for the traveler. Reservations at a winery are now the norm. Tasting room fees have more than doubled. Once was the day you could head to Napa Valley or Sonoma and wing it, as they say. Now it is essential to plan which wineries you want to visit and taste wine or take a tour.

What you find in these pages:  Designated wine trails in large and small wine regions in California. The wine trails lead to a mix of wineries and tasting rooms that will delight the wine country traveler. Find out which are the best wineries for visiting and learning about wine. Discover the best lodging and restaurants. Follow Insider Tips for discovering little-known backroads, picnic areas, hiking, and much more in wine country.

Wine businesses are constantly in flux, especially after the COVID epidemic. Even though we try our best, we cannot keep the listings on this website entirely up to date. Keep that in mind when you plan your trip.

tasting room deck Yorkville cellars
Happy couple at the Yorkville Cellars winery in Mendocino County

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