Halo Wine Preserver

Halo Wine Preserver

Preserving Wine

There are several strategies for saving and preserving wine.  Don’t let that unfinished bottle of wine go bad. Once you open a bottle of wine, the oxygen in the air begins to act on the wine. At first, it is a good thing because oxygen allows the aromas of the wine to come forth. “Let your wine breathe” is commonly told by wine experts. It gives the wine time to open and let its inner character shine.  With time, a day or two, oxygen becomes wine’s worst enemy. If one is unable to finish a bottle of wine, you can use these various devices and strategies to preserve the wine as long as possible.

Preserving wine gadgets

There are a ton of preserving wine gadgets on the market for saving that unfinished bottle of wine. One of the hottest devices for preserving wine is the Coravin Model One or Model Two. It is being used widely in tasting rooms and restaurants. It uses a unique system that pierces the cork with a fine needle.  A blast of inert argon seals the wine from oxygen, preserving the wine indefinitely. See the video below for additional information.

For Champagne/sparkling wine, use one of the many clamp devices made for Champagne bottles and refrigerate.

The refrigerator for preserving wine

Put the wine, red or white, into the fridge as soon as possible. This slows the oxidation process. Drink the wine within a few days. For red wines, don’t forget to take the wine out of the refrigerator a couple of hours before drinking. Let it come to cool room temperature.

Other strategies for preserving wine

Fill the remaining wine into a smaller bottle and refrigerate.
Freeze the wine and use for cooking when needed.

Amazon has tons of wine preserving gadgets. Consider these to purchase for the wine geek:

Video on the Coravin System for Preserving Wine