Fun Things to Do in Wine Country in January 2023

Some very fun Things to do in wine country in January There are plenty of fun activities to do in January in wine country. Many tourists stay away from wine country in January, so all the better to travel to Napa Valley, Sonoma, Paso Robles, and more. There will be days of inclement weather, but … Read more

The Fees to Taste Wine in Napa Valley

We established the Napa Valley Wine Tasting Fee Index in 2014. Each year we see an increase in what it costs a person to taste wine in the Napa Valley. Because of the COVID pandemic, we are not keeping an Index for the 2021 season. Tasting fees are in a fluid state. Walk-in tastings are … Read more

Not too late for Valentine’s Day in wine country

valentine wine country

Valentine’s Day Wine Country So you blew it, and it’s too late to find lodging and dining in the wine country for Valentine’s Day. But, it is never too late to plan a fantastic and romantic one-day getaway. A visit to a sparkling wine producer that will make for an excellent Valentine’s Day. You might … Read more

New Wine Trails on Wine Country Getaways

hollister hidden wine country

Off-the-Beaten-Path Wine Country and Insider News We have added four wine trails to Wine Country Getaways. These four wine trails are not only new, but these trails are in hidden wine country. These wine trails are “Off the Beaten Path” and away from where the majority of tourists go to visit wineries. Yes, Napa Valley, … Read more

Geyserville Inn Revamps

Geyserville is a hidden wine town surrounded by wonderful, exciting wineries. Geyserville is the gateway to the vineyards and wineries in the Dry Creek Valley and the Alexander Valley wine appellations. If you are looking to explore this fantastic wine region of Northern Sonoma County, consider the Geyserville Inn for your place to stay. We … Read more

Wine Country Bocce Party

bocce armida winery

How to Plan a Wine Country Bocce Party Gather your family or friends for a casual wine country Bocce party. The great thing about Bocce is you do not need to be athletic to have fun and participate in a competitive game of Bocce. Young and old, fit or out of shape, all can be … Read more

Where and What is Franciacorta?

Franciacorta sparkllng wine

Where and what is Franciacorta? Franciacorta is an area of Italy that produces a high-quality sparkling wine.

Where to Find the Best Wine and Art Wineries in the Napa Valley

wine and art lovers wine trail

Wine and art together at these five Napa Valley wineries The appreciation of wine and art go together. Both involve the senses in a deep and complex manner. Both are good for the soul. With this in mind, we have designed a new wine trail for It is the Wine and Art Lover’s Trail. … Read more

Varietal theme wine tasting hunt

poppies wine country

Do you like a certain wine varietal of red or white wine that is your favorite? Why not base your wine country travels on your preferred wine grape.  Here is a list of the top wine varietals  and where to find these wines in wine country. Hit the tasting rooms that specialize in these varietals. Collect your … Read more

Is Sutter Creek the best wine country town in the Sierra Foothills?

Sutter Creek best wine town

Sutter Creek Theater and other boutiques on Main Street Is Sutter Creek the best wine town in the Sierra Foothills? Here are some reasons why we think it is. Close to wineries Sutter Creek is 20 minutes away from the Shenandoah Valley in the Plymouth area. There are over 40 wineries in this area of … Read more