Eco-Friendly Wine Route

Ten years ago only a handful of wineries in the Napa Valley used any solar power or practiced any sort of eco-friendly farming in their vineyards. Today that has changed dramatically. Many wineries in the Napa Valley can boast that they are eco-friendly in some fashion: certified organic, sustainable, biodynamic, Napa Green or solar powered.

How One Winery Mastered Take-Out, Made-At-Home & Pick-Up Wine Pairing in the Era of COVID-19

Lakewood Vineyards COVID-19 has affected virtually all industries, with the service and hospitality sectors taking an exceptional hit. With restaurants, bars, and pubs all being closed to the public for indoor dining, pick-up, take-out, and delivery services have been expanding and adapting at a rapid pace to keep these establishments from closing their doors for … Read more

Underwater wine aging

Yes, that’s correct. One winery is experimenting with aging wine underwater. It sounds like a crazy idea, but there is a reason behind the madness. Wapisa experiments The impetus goes back to the year 2010. What happened that year was the discovery of cases of 170-year-old Champagne bottles underwater. They were from the ruins of … Read more

Tasting Rooms are Planning How to Reopen

Just maybe the wine country will open later this year. Wineries and tasting rooms are making plans for the day they will be allowed to open their doors to tourists and wine country fans. What will tasting rooms look like when that occurs? The Wine Institute and the Napa Valley Vintners are working on a … Read more

Make a Pizza at Home

You are working from home and the kids are there, too. Making pizza from scratch is fun and therapeutic. Homemade pizza is so much better than what chain pizza parlors have to offer. The kids get a science lesson with the yeast doing its wonders on the dough. Mom and Dad get to choose a … Read more

Can’t Go to Wine Country

Can’t go to wine country, how about a wine country movie or book? Last Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we were in Paso Robles wine country. We had a fabulous time visiting tasting rooms on the backroads of Adelaida Road. We loved the dining experience at Buena Tavola and La Cosecha near the City Park. What … Read more

Big Wine Country News – Revelations, Michelin Stars, Best Wine Books

Learn about your local winemakers   NBC Bay Area TV: Bay Area Revelations is an award-winning series. The program returns on December 8, 2018,  at 10 pm. Bay Area winemakers will be featured in a new documentary: America’s Wine Country. America’s Wine Country features vintners whose stories have been instrumental in shaping our wine country to world-class fame. … Read more

Wine Country News 2018

best time to visit wine country

Wine Country News – Winter Please see the attached press release below for Lodi’s Wine and Chocolate Weekend on February 10 and 11, 2018. The weekend is the perfect opportunity to sip a diverse selection of handcrafted Lodi wines and sample delicious sweet and savory chocolate bites while visiting more than 50 Lodi appellation wineries. … Read more

Catch Napa Valley Harvest 2017

It is the Napa Valley at its best for the tourist. Start making your plans now to watch the most exciting show in the world of wine.

Trending Now – Book Clubs are Meeting in Wine Country

Buy wine at a winery

Book Clubs are Meeting in Wine Country The Mills Book Club was established in 1989 by Librarian Kris, long before book clubs were as popular as they are now. Today, book clubs are flourishing among friends and neighbors all over the world. Perhaps it was the Mills Book Club that set the trend for book club … Read more