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bocce armida winery

The Bocce courts at Armida Winery – overlook of Russian River Valley

How to Plan a Wine Country Bocce Party

Gather your family or friends for a casual wine country Bocce party. The great thing about Bocce is you do not need to be athletic to have fun and participate in a competitive game of Bocce. Young and old, fit or out of shape, all can be equals in this fun game. Add the environment of wine country and double your fun. If you follow these tips, you are sure to have a fantastic time and enjoy the many rewards of playing Bocce with family or friends in wine country.

bocce in wine country

Brutocoa Winery has six Bocce Courts

  • Invite your family or friends and pick a convenient date.
  • Select a winery where you can play Bocce for at least a couple of hours. A complete listing of wineries in California with Bocce Courts is listed below.
  • Make sure you can reserve the courts and give yourself ample time to complete the tournament.  With 6 couples playing on 4 courts, it takes about 6 hours to play, including time out for lunch.
  • Select lodging and dining nearby the Bocce venue.
  • Select a type of tournament play:  Single elimination, double elimination, round robin, or what have you.
  • Play a short version of the game. Play to a score of nine and win by at least two points. The Simple rules of Bocce are listed below.
  • Who is the commissioner? Assign someone to track wins and losses, settle disagreements.  A tape measure is a must!
  • What is the prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?
  • How about a trophy (bottle of wine) for the winning team
The Bocce Court at Trinchero in St. Helena

The Bocce Court at Trinchero in St. Helena

For the past eleven years, we have been hosting a Bocce Tournament. The past six years we have been reserving the courts at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Geyserville. We order a catered lunch at the winery and water, etc.  This past year we lodged in Healdsburg. We chose two friendly restaurants where we could reserve a table for 14 people. Campo Fina was our first-night choice and Bravas Bar de Tapas was our second-night choice. They both have outdoor seating and a casual atmosphere. We have a perpetual trophy, an empty Jeroboam-sized bottle, that we award to the winning team. We also puck down $20 a couple and divide it for first, second, and third place. It is all done in fun and is an event we highly anticipate each year.

Bocce Courts at Francis Ford Coppola in Sonoma's Geyserville

Bocce Courts at Francis Ford Coppola in Sonoma’s Geyserville

Bocce Wine Country Resources

The Bocce Courts at Campovida in Mendocino's Hopland

The Bocce Courts at Campovida in Mendocino’s Hopland


  1. MIKE BELTRAN says

    One of the best ways to share good company and play a fun game. Joe is right, make sure you can reserve the court before you invite your friends to play. Always inquire as to the cost: per court, by the hour or event. In my opinion playing during the week is better with respect to getting space rather than the weekend. Bring along a person who measures distance from the target ball. A little team bet keeps the juices flowing. With lunch our group often spends about 4 to 5 hours total.