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Wine Bottle Art


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Janelle Becerra

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wine bottles as art

Diane Selmi – Wine Bottle Art

If you’re looking for a special gift for one of your wine lover friends, an original wine bottle art painting by Diane Selmi might just be the perfect choice.

Diane started painting unique wine bottles 10 years ago when she retired after a long career as a travel agent. She saw a picture of bottles in a magazine and was taken by the explosion of colors and reflection. She had just added a small studio to her house and was starting to paint other subjects, when she put everything aside and began composing wine bottles. She enthusiastically experimented with shapes, placement, light and color.

wine bottles as art


Each label is chosen very carefully and is a painting in itself. Diane began giving her paintings as gifts, and as they were seen by others, she started to get requests for commissions. The idea of personalizing the labels came to her very early on. Diane has included the names of family members, pets, boats, favorite places, as well as favorite wine bottles in the compositions.

It’s hard to believe that Diane has had no formal training in painting, but she says she recognizes a future painting when she sees a subject that has the light and color she loves. She has sold many of her paintings and has made notecards to sell or give as gifts.

wine bottle art


Diane paints with acrylic and has painted on canvasses 24X24 to 48X60. The paintings are unframed and prices range from $500 to $2500. She does not currently have a website but can be reached on Facebook or by emailing: mvdiane@sbcglobal.net.

8 thoughts on “Wine Bottle Art”

  1. I am in the wine industry and have personally seen Diane’s work. It is sensational and with her willingness to customize the wines in the paintings, makes for a very unique, truly one-of-a-kind piece of art.

  2. Betty,

    First I creates a composition of bottles, shapes and colors on. canvas. When that is done I go to my binder of labels and ideas of labels I collect from magazines, wine ads, etc. Then I paint a label on each bottle before I paint the caps. I do not put a real label on the paintng, if that is what you meant. I hope I answered your question.

  3. Diane’s artwork has such vibrant colors that are stunningly offset by the blackness in the wines. That results in an elegance to the compositions as well. Plus those wine bottles that are more textured and variegated add a iwonderful contrast. Very classy.

  4. We have one of Diane’s creations. It is truly magnificent and deserves it’s place over our wine cooler. In each painting are “personalized” bottles of wine. Everyone that comes into our home comments about the painting.

  5. We have one of Diane’s paintings and love it. She did a custom painting for us incorporating our favorite wines, and details pertinent to our family. What I love is that Diane worked our personal references into the painting in such a subtle manner that it is fun to find them! There is a picture of a black horse on a label that looks just like my horse – or a label! Our family names are on labels as well! Our friends enjoy coming over and looking for these familiar references. This painting is hung in our kitchen/dining area. When we renovate our barn into a rec area, we will be commissioning another painting from Diane for this area, with new references! I am also thinking of having Diane make one for my nephew when he gets married next Spring.

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