Brannan’s Grill Closes in Calistoga

Brannan’s Grill Closes in Calistoga It is the sign of the times in the Napa Valley. Another one of Napa Valley’s oldest restaurants, Brannan’s Grill closed in Calistoga. It is a different clientele in the Napa Valley these days, even in the sleepy and laid-back town of Calistoga. We have noticed a steady change in … Read more

Bragg Vineyards – Back to the Basics in Calistoga

Bragg Vineyards in Calistoga –  family owned, small and hidden There are said to be more than 400 “Brick and Mortar” wineries in the Napa Valley. For such a small wine region, the distance from one end of the Valley to the other is 27 miles, that is an enormous density of wineries. Many tourists drive along … Read more

Why we like Calistoga Wine Country

They have the most beautiful bar we’ve seen in the Napa Valley. Afterward, we stroll across the street for a quiet and relaxing dinner at All Season’s Bistro. We were pleasantly surprised on a recent visit to find out that Calistoga has added a nightly shuttle service for after-dinner rides back to your local hotel. Call
707-963-4229 for hours of operation.

Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen without Cindy

She spent several weeks in the hospital and will not return to her kitchen for perhaps as long as 4 months. Our meal was excellent, but we felt something was amiss at the restaurant. Cindy is obviously missed by all. We wish Cindy a speedy recovery.

Navigating the Napa Valley Wine Route

There are over 400 wineries to visit in the Napa Valley and, if you are visiting the max of ten wineries in a two-day excursion, how does one seriously decide on which of these 400 wineries are the most enjoyable to visit?

Sunburst Calistoga: The Poor Man’s Solage

The interesting thing about the Sunburst Calistoga is that it is almost a stone’s throw away from the Solage Calistoga. The Sunburst is on Lincoln Avenue and just over the Napa River on the Silverado Trail is the Solage Calistoga. Room rates for the Solage will start about $600 whereas the typical Sunburst room will be $230 on weekends.

Calistoga’s new logo

We just learned that the Napa Valley Tourism Improvement District Committee and the Calistoga Chamber of Commerce have collaborated on adapting a brand new logo and slogan for Calistoga. What do think about this?

Napa Valley winter trip

Napa valley in winter. Trip to tasting roomShould you consider a Napa Valley winter trip in December or January? Napa Valley during these two months is undoubtedly the quietest time in this spectacular wine country. As one long-time Napa Valley resident once mentioned to me, “Winter is how the Valley used to be during the entire year long ago.” If you really want to get away, this is the time to be in the Napa Valley. It’s beautiful, serene, and most of all relaxing. Here are a few things to do in December and January in the Napa Valley.

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Calistoga – Really Getting Away in the Napa Valley

As spring approaches, we begin to think about a beautiful and peaceful wine country getaway. But if you choose the Napa area for your getaway, then things may not be as serene as you would like. The city of Napa now has a whole influx of new hotels and restaurants drawing tourists to the downtown area. Tyler Florence and Iron Chef Miyamoto have new restaurants packing in the crowds. Yountville is busy with its six Michelin-rated restaurants, fashionable shops, hotels and tasting rooms. Traffic squeezes as you approach St. Helena on Highway 29 and getting through St. Helena can be like a nightmare morning commute to work. But there is a quiet place in the Napa Valley much unchanged over time. That place is the historic town of Calistoga, at the very northern end of the Valley. It is here where you can find delightful things to do at a much slower pace.

Calistoga's Lincoln Avenue

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