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Brannan’s Grill Closes in Calistoga


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Joe Becerra

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Brannans grill closes
A twenty-year run for Brannan’s Grill ended in July of 2018

Brannan’s Grill Closes in Calistoga

It is the sign of the times in the Napa Valley. Another one of Napa Valley’s oldest restaurants, Brannan’s Grill closed in Calistoga. It is a different clientele in the Napa Valley these days, even in the sleepy and laid-back town of Calistoga. We have noticed a steady change in the Napa Valley since 2012 when the economy began to boom. San Francisco Area is a mecca for the wealthy and the sophisticated. This sector brings a new breed of traveler to wine country. Brannan’s is more of the old Napa Valley

Calistoga is our favorite town, and we loved coming to Brannan’s to sit at the 1880’s Brunswick mahogany bar. I don’t know the name of the Brannan’s bartender, but he was a friendly and efficient server. We popped into the Brannan’s bar just a few times a year. Each time the bartender remembered Janelle’s favorite cocktail, the Branhattan, the best Manhattan in the Napa Valley.

We hope that the restaurant reopens under new owners and that they have the common sense to keep the beautiful mahogany bar. We will miss Brannan’s Grill.

1880's Brunswick mahogany bar
1880’s Brunswick mahogany bar

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