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No, thank goodness there are no vineyards in the Yosemite Valley, but if you like wine and nature you can put the two together by attending the Vintners’ Holiday. This is a series of sessions with winemakers that takes place each year at the beautiful Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite Valley. We have attended the Vintners’ Holiday in the past and the event is well done and the package price is a very good bargain. This event has been going on for over 25 years and is always well attended and well received.

The Vintners’ Holiday takes place from November 2 through the first week of December.
Being in Yosemite during the fall and winter months is very special. There is a beauty in the Valley that brightens and rejuvenates the spirit. Put this together with fine wine and you have yourself a great getaway.

There are eight sessions to choose from and each session is a two-day affair featuring four wineries. During the day, there are two seminars, each about one hour long with one particular winery. The winemaker discusses the wine and usually has at least three wines for tasting. On the first night there is a reception called “Meet the Winemakers.”Appetizers and wine from the vintners are featured.

The second night culminates the event with the Gala Dinner in the amazing Ahwahnee dining room. The vintners and chef pair the wines for a delicious and memorable dinner. It is a festive occasion and, believe me, everyone has a very good time.

The package deal includes the reception and the gala dinner. You have two package deal choices. One for two nights, and the other for three nights. If you stay in the Ahwahnee the price is $948 for two nights and $1255 for three nights. If you stay at the Yosemite Lodge as we have done, the price is $574 for the two nights and $695 for the three nights. If you stay at the Lodge, the free shuttle will get you back and forth to the Ahawahnee. There is no need to drive.

For complete information on this event, see the Yosemite Park Web site.

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