Clarksburg Wine Trail is an easy 20 minutes from Sacramento on Highway 160. Check our Yolo County Wine Map to plan your route. There is not much doing in the Clarksburg area, except for the vineyards and tasting rooms in the area. Clarksburg is most famous for Chenin Blanc. Chenin Blanc grows well in Clarksburg because of the Delta breeze and the Sacramento River. The afternoon cooling winds make it the ideal climate for Chenin Blanc and other varieties of grapes. Pack your lunch or other appetizers and head to the tasting rooms that we have recommended.

Bogle tasting room in Clarksburg

Bogle tasting room in Clarksburg

Wineries and Tasting Rooms on the Clarksburg Wine Trail

Miner’s Leap – Very small lots of wines are produced
Old Sugar Mill – Eleven wineries here to explore
Juliette Winery – wines from grapes around California
River Grove Winery – Sparkling wine in the line up
Bogle Vineyards – one of California’s largest wineries

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Miner’s Leap

Miner’s Leap winery is the ideal location to taste wine and enjoy a wonderful picnic lunch. It is a cozy and comfortable spot. The winery makes only a small amount of wine and each varietal is made in very small amounts, usually less than 100 cases. The winery is a dog-friendly spot.

Tasting Room: Open Friday 1 to 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 pm.
Visit the Miner’s Leap Website

Bogle Vineyards & Winery

Bogle Vineyards is the most well known winery in Clarksburg. The winery farms 1500 acres of vineyards and produces one million cases per year of wine. Much of that is in the form of Zinfandel, which sells for about $10 a bottle in box stores and supermarkets. Bogle also makes several other quality wines, found only at the tasting room. The picnic area is the best in the region. There is seating on the porch of the tasting room or down by the sustainably-farmed vineyards. It is a lovely setting for a picnic. We recommend bringing your own lunch, but the tasting room does have a few deli items for sale.

Tasting room: Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm. Weekends, 11am to 5 pm.
Visit the Bogle Vineyards Website

Old Sugar Mill

The Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg is a mecca for wine tasting. There are eleven different wineries that have tasting rooms in the Old Sugar Mill. The largest is the Clarksburg Wine Company. This winery does custom crush for several wineries including some in the Old Sugar Mill. The times vary for each winery’s tasting room hours. Consult the Old Sugar Mill Website for complete tasting room information.

Julietta Winery

Julietta is a small winery owned by Craig and Julie Russell. Julietta makes small amounts of various varietals from many different California wine regions. The tasting room is an old barn that has been converted into a very enjoyable tasting room.

Tasting Room: Open Friday to Sunday 11am-6pm or by appointment.
Visit the Julietta Winery Website

River Grove Winery

River Grove Winery was founded by Steve Pylman and Dr. Bob Scobey, the winemaker in 2000. The Pylman Family owns a large amount of vineyard acres in the Clarksburg wine region. The family sells all but 1% of their grapes to various wineries in California. That 1% is used to make the estate River Grove wines. Interestingly, the River Grove winery makes three sparkling wines in addition to their white and red wines.

Tasting room: Open by appointment only
Visit the River Grove Winery Website

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