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Sonoma tasting rooms
Walt Wines – one of many excellent Sonoma tasting rooms around the Sonoma Plaza

Best Sonoma Tasting Rooms around the Historic Sonoma Plaza

What’s your pleasure? Drive or hire a limo/driver to take you to wineries in Sonoma Valley. The other option for wine tasting in Sonoma Valley is to circle the historic Sonoma Plaza. There are plenty of tasting rooms around the Plaza to meet your needs. Some visitors like to explore the shops and taste wine in between. Others like to plot out their tasting room visits in the town before and after a lunch break. The advantage of visiting tasting rooms on the Plaza is convenience and no driving. The disadvantage, no working winery to visit with vineyards and barrel rooms and fermenting tanks to view.  Here are the best Sonoma Tasting Rooms

Walt Wines – dedicated to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
Pangloss Cellars – housed in 116-year-old historic building
Sojourn Cellars – high-end artisan Pinot noir, Chardonnay & Cabernet
Kamen Estate Wines – very high-end wines, elite wine tasting
Highway 12 Winery – value wines, friendly environment
Enkidu Wine – carefully crafted wines from select vineyards

These are favorite tasting rooms but there are much more that could be more to your taste in wines. Find a complete list of tasting room at Sonoma Plaza Visitors Guide

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