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Sideways wine trail day one
Fess Parker winery is called Frass Canyon in the Sideways movie

Follow the characters in the movie Sideways. We have two days of adventures on the Sideways wine trail. It starts in the town of Los Olivos. Purchase your picnic food and supplies at the Los Olivos Market or Panino Café in Los Olivos. Head north from Los Olivos to Highway 154, turn left and watch for the signs leading to Foxen Canyon Road. Follow Foxen Canyon Road as it takes you over beautiful mountain views of vineyards and farmlands. When you get to the stop sign, turn left on to Zaca Station Road, and Firestone will be a mile down the road.

Sideways Movie Wine Adventures – Day One

Before you begin your Sideways winery tour, watch the movie – stream where available.  You will need to check with the wineries for tasting and tour appointments. COVID has changed the wine country experience.

Firestone Vineyards

The Firestone winery is one of the original wineries in Santa Barbara County. The winery began operation in 1972. Today the winery is housed in a stunning hillside setting. They have a beautiful tasting room and offer tours throughout the day from 10:15 to 3:15. The winery has a series of labels of the traditional varieties that include Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.

In the movie “Sideways,” the four main characters, Miles, Jack, Maya, and Stephanie, are bored with the wine tour and sneak away into the barrel room.

Tasting Room Hours: 11 am – 5 pm daily
Phone: (805) 688-3940, email:, Firestone Vineyards

Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard

From Firestone, head back to Foxen Canyon Road and continue straight ahead for about a mile and one-third to Fess Parker Winery. Fess Parker made his fame and fortune as a TV actor playing the role of Davy Crockett in the late ’50s. Today, his winery and vineyard are making fame and fortune. The winery, tasting room, and grounds are the most lavish of any of the wineries in the Santa Barbara wine region. It is one of the most beautiful wineries you will find in California. The winery produces 75,000 cases of wine, mostly from their estate vineyards located in three different growing areas of Santa Barbara Country. The Pinot Noirs are very delicious.

In “Sideways,” this is one of the most memorable, shocking, and funny scenes. Miles learns that his book will not be published. Distraught, Miles returns to the tasting room and repeatedly asks for a refill. When the server admonishes him, he grabs the dump bucket, and ???? In the movie, this winery is called Frass Canyon.

Tasting Room Hours: 10 to 4:45 pm daily
Fess Parker

Foxen Vineyard

If you are looking for rustic, this is the place. Don’t be surprised if you drive past this winery on your first try. The simple barn-like structure is easy to miss, having no resemblance to a winery. Don’t be fooled by appearances. Since the Sideways Movie, Foxen has a new modern winery up the road. The Shack, as they call it, remains open for tastings of Bordeaux and Italian varieties. Foxen is located approximately 12 miles from Fess Parker. The address is 7200 Foxen Canyon Road.

In “Sideways,” you don’t get to see much of this tiny winery. Miles and Jack are wine tasting, and when the server leaves for a moment, Jack swiftly grabs the wine bottle and pours a hefty amount for both.

Tasting Room Hours: 11 – 4 pm daily
Foxen Vineyards

Optional Wineries: Although these two wineries are not in the movie, there are along the way and worth a visit if you have the time and inclination.

Zaca Mesa Winery

Continue on Foxen Canyon Rd. to the Zaca Mesa Winery. This winery has a very spacious and modern tasting room. The winery concentrates on Rhone-style wines and produces excellent Syrah wines. Excellent picnic spot.

Tasting Room Hours: 10 – 4 pm daily
Zaca Mesa

Rancho Sisquoc Winery

The famous Flood Family of San Francisco are owners of this small winery which produce less than 10,000 cases a year. Because the winery is well off the road, peace and quiet await the wine traveler. This is a favorite spot of ours for good wine and a fantastic picnic area.

Tasting Room Hours: 10 am – 4 pm daily.
Rancho Sisquoc

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