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Many good spots at Oxbow

Top ways to save visiting the Napa Valley

In 2015 the Napa Valley set a tourism spending record. The cost of traveling to the Napa Valley is at its highest point ever. However, Napa Valley on a budget is definitely doable. Despite the fact that the Napa Valley is home to fine dining, luxury lodging, exquisite spas, and the finest wineries in the world, it is possible to visit the Napa Valley without spending a huge fortune.

Strategy for Traveling to the Napa Valley on a Budget

Budget Napa Lodging

Travel off-season and/or midweek. This is the way the greatest savings can be found on many attractive B&B’s. Off-season varies but is generally from November through February. There is also a host of inexpensive lodging establishments. They may not be all that fancy but they are very comfortable. See Napa Budget Lodging.  Call the hotel and ask for their best discounts. They usually beat or match any price from the major travel Websites.

Visiting Wineries – Budget Style

Do your homework. Many wineries charge fees as high as $50 per person for tasting. Avoid those wineries and find ones that have a tasting fee of less than $15, a  two-for-one tasting coupon on their Website, or a tasting fee that can be applied to a purchase.

Share a tasting. All wineries allow couples to share one glass and pay for one tasting.

Pick up two-for-one tasting coupons. These can be found at Napa Valley Welcome Center on 600 Main Street in Napa, Yountville Chamber of Commerce Office., and Calistoga Visitor Center.  Thumb through some of the free wine publications and clip out the tasting room coupons. You will find these publications in hotel lobbies, tasting rooms, etc. Often your hotel or B&B will have tasting coupons for nearby wineries.

Dining on a Budget in the Napa Valley

Breakfast: is included at B&B’s. Otherwise, coffee shops such as the Napa Valley Roasting Company in Napa and St. Helena, or the Calistoga Roastery in Calistoga and St. Helena, have pastries and great coffee. The Model Bakery in St. Helena is another great spot, and the Bouchon Bakery in Yountville has outstanding pastry products. The Oxbow Public Market in Napa has some reasonable prices offerings.

Lunch: best deal is a picnic lunch. Pick up a lunch at a deli and picnic at a winery and experience one of life’s greatest pleasures.  See List of Delis and Ideal Picnic Locations.

Dinner: check out the Hydro Grill in Calistoga.

Check out: Pearl in Napa, Gott’s Roadside in St. Helena or at the Oxbow Market, Pizzeria Tra Vigne in St. Helena, or the Pacific Blue Cafe in Yountville.

Here is a useful book on the wineries of the Napa Valley: Back Lane Wineries of Napa

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