How to start a wine tasting club

How to start a wine tasting club

How to start a wine tasting club?

Have you ever heard of a book club? Well, a wine tasting club is very similar except of course the focus is on wine, not books. Like a book club, a wine tasting club is a social gathering. The wine tasting club meets to taste, judge, and discuss wine. Wine tasting clubs are educational but are mostly a way to enjoy friends and have loads of fun.

A wine tasting club should not be confused with a wine club. A wine club is a marketing tool used by wineries and wine shops to get people to sign up to receive periodic shipments of wine. If you want information on a winery wine club, we have information here.

Tips for Starting a Wine Tasting Club?

  • Ideal club size is anywhere from 8 to 16 people. You can start with just a very small group and it will build from there.
  • Start by hosting the first wine tasting party.
  • Send out an invitation with all the details about the event. Emphasize fun and education. The last thing you want is intimidation.
  • At the first meeting set the guidelines for the club. Perhaps, choose a name for the club. Decide on meeting dates, hosting assignments, and the theme for the next tasting. Decide on what foods will be served. Is it pairing appetizers with the tasting or is it dinner after the tasting?
  • Is always a good idea to have a person as the designated recorder or secretary. The main responsibility is to make sure they keep all the scoring results and send them out.
  • Decide how to pick and purchase the wine. If each couple or person brings one bottle of wine, then it can become a contest to see brought the “winning” wine. It is best if the host purchases the wine and then gets a reimbursement.
  • Choose a scoring method and stick to it for all meetings. Free Score Cards.
  • Following the scoring, the real fun and learning begin when you discuss each wine.  Jim: “I thought Wine 1 had no aroma.” Joe’s answer: “Are you serious, you must have cold.”
  • You can follow a real wine club, the Vintage Wine Tasters, and their blind tasting adventures at Wine Values and Bargains.

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