Select a theme for your wine tasting. It is best if one person is assigned to find and purchase the wines for the next wine tasting party. This eliminates the possibility of duplicate wines from individuals rooting for their wine.

Wine Tasting Themes | Suggestions & Examples

    • Taste six Pinot Noir wines under $20 from any region. The idea in this tasting is to find a bargain Pinot Noir wine.
    • Taste six Pinot Noir wines between $20 and $30 from different wine regions – Russian River Valley, Carneros, Santa Lucia Highlands, etc. The idea in this tasting is to discover the characteristic of each of these important Pinot Noir regions.

  • Taste six Chardonnay wines ranging in price from $15 to $50. The idea in this tasting is to discover the differences in quality among a wide price range
  • Taste six Malbec wines from Argentina’s Mendoza region.
  • Taste six Tempranillo wines from different wine regions in Spain.
  • Compare three Italian Barbera wines to three California Barbera wines.
  • Taste six Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon wines

In our wine club, when we finish our current tasting we vote on the theme for the next meeting. The host researches the wine and purchases all the wines for the tasting.

Wine Tasting Club – Hosting Tips | Select a Topic