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Wide bottom Riedel decanter
Wide bottom Riedel decanter
Wide-bottom Riedel decanter

The Well-Equipped Wine Geek – Decanters

A wine decanter, perhaps two wine decanters, is a must for the Well-Equipped Wine Geek. Young and old wines alike benefit from decanting wine. For young wines, a wine decanter opens up the locked-in character of a wine that has been recently bottled. The young wine bottle has been on the move making its way to the wine-shop shelf. It needs to awaken and be stimulated with air. Pour the wine into a beautiful decanter and  swirl it a few times.  Then let it sit and come alive, showing its character. More on decanting wine.

For wines aging in a wine cellar, a decanter will do wonders. An old wine that has been cellared properly will have sediment in the bottle. By standing the bottle upright for several hours and then pouring the wine carefully into the decanter, the sediment will remain in the wine bottle. Like in young wines, the aged wine needs exposure to oxygen. Pouring the aged wine into a good decanter will bring life and vitality to the wine.  A beautiful decanter brings a certain elegance to the dinner table. At least one stylish and sophisticated wine decanter is a must for the Well-Equipped Wine Geek. Below are three different decanters from the Riedel glass company.  These will make a perfect addition to a wine geek’s collection of wine tools. A gift for the holiday season?

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