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Wine aging in a happy environment

Aging Wine, Storing Wine, Cellaring Wine

Your guide to aging wine and storing  wine in the proper environment. Wine is a living, breathing substance.

Aging wine and storing wine tips. Keep your wine investment safe.

Most everyone can find a good wine aging area in the house for a case or two of wine. But if you are collecting wine, finding the proper storage area in a home might not be that easy. Following these wine aging and storing tips to protect your wine investment.

Aging wine for two years or less – For most California Wines

This is for storage of most California wine. Most California wines are intended to drink now, and the goal of proper short-term storage is to prevent these wines from going bad while you wait to drink them. For short-term storage, we have listed several factors to consider. The more of these you are able to follow, the more likely your wine will not go bad in two years’ time; and for some wines, you might notice an improvement.

Avoid high temperatures. High temps will turn your wine. Try and keep your wine as close to 60 degrees as possible. Gradual and slight temperature changes should not have any bad effects on the wine unless the temperature gets too high.

Wines should be in kept away from light.

Keep wine resting on its side to prevent the cork from shrinking.

Avoid places where there are vibrations or shaking.

Aging wine for the long term – For fine wines capable of aging over many years

This is for expensive wine, both foreign and domestic, that is capable of aging and becoming a better wine over several years of time.

For long-term storage: You need constant temperature with little or no fluctuations, the proper humidity plus all the other factors of short-term storage. It is unlikely that a house might have the ideal conditions. If you want long-term storage you may have to either purchase a wine closet or remodel a space in your home for a permanent wine cellar that is climate controlled.

Wine bottles with screw tops

Most screw top wines are ones that are meant for drinking within one or two years. Most experts contend that without a cork closure the aging process cannot occur. However, you should still put these wines in a correct temperature location with little or no light. Hear what one Napa Valley winemaker thinks about screw caps.

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