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Plymouth wine country

One of the first vineyards just outside of Plymouth

Plymouth wine country

Is Plymouth wine country the new Napa Valley? For sure it is not! It is a unique wine country with a character all its own. For the most part, Plymouth wine country has many small family-owned wineries. A few “big boys” have recently arrived like Turley and Andis, but this wine area is all about small and tucked-away wineries, beautiful rolling hills of vineyards and oak woodlands. The town of Plymouth is small and the downtown stretch is only one block long. Begin your trek there at the Amador Vintage Market. You can stock up on picnic goodies before you head out to the Plymouth wine country. We always call ahead and have the deli prepare our lunch in advance. We learned our lesson the hard way. A few years back (we’ve visited once year since 2002), a large wine tour van arrived just before us. The staff is meticulous at the Vintage Market and we waited almost an hour to get our lunches made. Directly across the street is the finest restaurant in the area, Taste. You may want to dine there for dinner on your wine country getaway. Your next stop is Shenandoah Road. Go back to Highway 49 and then across the road to Shenandoah Road. There are several wineries to visit, and we have divided the area into two distinct wine routes (see below). In Plymouth on Highway 49 there is a tasting room that features most of the local wines. It is Amador 360, a Wine Collective and Tasting Room. You may want to stop in there first to get your bearings. For lodging, we like to stay over in the Gold Country town of Sutter Creek. It is a throwback in time and looks much like it did in the old mining days. There are restaurants, boutique shopping and tasting rooms in Sutter Creek.

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