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Shanendoah School Road wine trail
Karmere Vineyards & Winery

Our home base for the Shenandoah School Wine Trail is the town of Sutter Creek. From Sutter Creek, take Highway 49 towards Plymouth. Once in Plymouth, take a right turn off Highway 49 onto Shenandoah Road. In about one mile, watch for Shenandoah School Road on the right. This road forms a loop back to Shenandoah Road.

Top Wineries on Shenandoah School Wine Trail

  • Wilderotter – Jay Wilderotter does the growing and winemaking
  • C.G. DiArie Vineyards – Zinfandel Elegance
  • Terra d’Oro Winery – A wonderous selection of Zinfandel
  • Cooper Vineyards – Delicious italian varietals
  • Karmere Vineyards & Winery – Estate wines, great Syrah and Barbera

Dining and Lodging Recommendations

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Winery Descriptions, Driving Directions, Tasting Room Hours

Wilderotter Vineyard

The very first winery is Wilderotter Vineyards, located to the right just after turning onto Shenandoah School Road. The tasting room is quite cozy and decorated with local artists’ paintings. Jay Wilderotter is the owner and winemaker. Jay had been selling his grapes to local wineries but in 2003 decided to produce his own wines. Today, Jay and his staff make 21 different varieties of wine. The Rhone wines are magnificent. The Viognier is our favorite white wine, the Ambrosia our favorite red. The Ambrosia is a blend of Grenache and Tempranillo. 

C.G. DiAire Vineyards and Winery

C.G. Di Arie winery is located in Amador County way up in the distance Mount Aukum roads. When the Kelson Creek Winery closed its door, C.G. Di Arie took the opportunity to take over the facility so it could open a tasting room closer to the main wine trails of the Shenandoah Valley. Chaim Gur-Arieh is the owner and winemaker. He is also an inventor and scientist.The winery makes several different white and reds wines.  C.G. Di Arie tasting room is just a short distance up the road from Wilderotter Vineyards

Terra d’ Oro Winery Winery

The entrance to Terra d’ Oro Winery will be on the right as you continue your drive along Shenandoah School Road. The original name of the winery is Montevina. The name Terre d’Oro seems more appropriate since this was the heart of gold country back in the day. The winery is now in the ownership of the Trinchero Family of the Napa Valley. The tasting room is large and a happy spot. There are many wines to try, plus a lovely spot for a picnic festivity.

Cooper Vineyards

Cooper family has been growing grapes for years and is now producing some fantastic wines under the guidance of winemaker Mark Roser. The tasting room is Mediterranean style and displays some terrific views of vineyards. There are so many excellent wines to try at Cooper. The variety of wines available attests to the fantastic vineyard growing area of Amador. Rhone, Italian, and other varieties are on the menu at Cooper.

Karmere Vineyards & Winery

Turn right onto Shenandoah Road, and you will see the Karmere Winery. What a view from the Kamere tasting, one of the best in any wine country. The owners, Todd Pickens and Marilyn Hoopes make some exciting wines, including the famous Italian grape Nebbiolo. The sparkling wines are far different from the norm.

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