POSTED ON December 1, 2014 | IN Wine Photo of the Day | BY Joe Becerra
Oakville grocery in december

The Oakville Grocery on a beautiful December day

Oakville Grocery in December

Driving north on Highway 29 in Oakville, you’ll see the historic Oakville Grocery established in 1881. It looks particularly beautiful in December. The vines are bare in Oakville, and this brings the Oakville Grocery into full view. The Oakville Grocery was refurbished a few years ago after it had been purchased by Leslie Rudd. Leslie Rudd also owns Dean & Deluca, and the Rudd Estate Winery. The picnic area has been redone and, if you cannot make it to one of the wineries, picnicking at the Oakville Grocery is an excellent alternative. The deli at the Oakville Grocery has something for everyone, sandwiches, salads, and cheese selections. We like to grab a deli sandwich and head across the Valley on Oakville Crossroad to the Silverado Trail. At the Silverado Trail, you can turn either right or left and, within a short distance, find wineries with picnic spots. These include Rutherford Hill, Pine Ridge and Clos du Val. See our list of picnic wineries and other places to purchase a picnic lunch. Nearby the Oakville Grocery, along Highway 29, are located several boutique wineries. Most of these wineries do not have picnic areas, so plan accordingly. See the Boutique Napa Valley Wine Route.  The Oakville Grocery, even in December, is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.  We like to call ahead so our sandwiches are ready when we arrive at the Oakville Grocery. The Sandwich Menu is online.

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