Please Note: Because of COVID, many wineries have transformed their picnic area into an outdoor tasting area. Check with these wineries to find out about picnic possibilities. One strategy is to book a tasting and then ask if you can stay and picnic following the tasting.

Winery picnic policies are always in flux. Do not rely on the accuracy of the list of picnic wineries. Check their website or give them a call.

Picture yourself sitting in the vineyards with a gourmet lunch and a glass of chilled white wine. A picnic lunch is one of the most enjoyable and peaceful when visiting the wine country. Each time we visit the Napa Valley, regardless of the weather, we always enjoy at least one picnic lunch among the vineyards. Finding a picnic winery in the Napa Valley is not exactly easy to do. Back to the Napa Valley Wine Country Guide

Where to find Napa Valley picnic wineries 

There are just a handful of wineries in the Napa Valley that have a permit for picnicking. Use this list as a guide. Napa wineries are continually changing their picnic rules and policies. Do not plan on finding a picnic spot without first calling the winery. Please – if you use a Napa Valley winery’s picnic area, do not bring wine from another winery. Be sure to leave your space clean and spotless. Please let us know if you discover other wineries in the Napa Valley that allow picnicking on a drop-in basis.

If you cannot find a winery to picnic, there are parks and spots where you can picnic. See the list.

Napa picnic wineries

Places to buy picnic foods -Wine & Cheese

Other important Napa Valley Information