Please note: Because of COVID there are many changes in the Napa Valley wine country. Drop in visitations are rare. Almost all wineries require reservations for a wine tasting experience. Please make sure you have booked your wine tastings before heading to the Napa Valley.

Use this excellent Napa Valley winery road map to help plan your wine country vacation to one of the most famous wine regions in the world. Two roads run along the Napa Valley, beginning in the town of Napa. Highway 29 is the main road from the city of Napa to Calistoga. It can be jam-packed on weekends. On the east side of the Valley is the less traveled Silverado Trail. Many small country roads intersect the Valley. These are scenic roads with many beautiful views of the vineyards. The Valley is about 29 miles long, running from Napa in the south to Calistoga in the north. View our Wine Trails of the Napa Valley to select wineries to visit. Beneficial to visitors is the Top Ten Tips for Enjoying the Napa Valley. Don’t forget, always use a designated driver. Stay safe!

Napa Valley Winery Road Map


Additional information on Napa Valley Wine Routes