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Excellent wine choices at Mustards Grill

Why we like Mustards Grill

Yountville is one of the best restaurant cities in the entire U.S. Most restaurants in Yountville are on Washington Street in the downtown area. Mustards Grill is on Highway 29 just north of the business area. Travelers can easily miss Mustards Grill. That’s fine for the locals, less waiting time for them. The restaurant is in its 38th year of serving great food to diners. It is one of our favorite wine country restaurants. We love dining there for lunch.

Because of the COVID 19 Pandemic, Mustards created an outdoor dining area adjacent to their beautiful vegetable and flower garden. I hope it is here to stay; it is a fantastic addition to the restaurant. The site is tented and ready for all the weather elements. Indoor dining is now an option, but the outdoors in the Napa Valley for lunch or early dinner is ideal.

Seafood Tostada is a favorite – This one has Sword Fish

The dining is casual at Mustards Grill. We love the down-home atmosphere and the great food choices on the menu. When you are dining at Mustards, it is fun eavesdropping on the tables around you. You will find winery owners, winemakers, and restaurateurs eating at Mustards. It is the place to be.

Popular menu items are the Dungeness Crab Cakes, the Seafood Tostada, and the fantastic half-pound hamburger. If the seasonal Spanish Padron peppers are on the appetizer menu, go for those. They are mildly spicy and very tasty. There are many wine choices by the glass or bottle. Mustards also has a full bar.

Cindy Pawlcyn is the founder and executive chef at Mustards Grill. We once took a short cooking class from Cindy at the old Franciscan winery. What a great lady and an excellent teacher. Part of the class included a signed copy of Cindy’s cookbook, Mustards Grill Napa Valley Cookbook. It is, along with another one of her cookbooks, Big Small Plates, the most-used on my kitchen shelf. In the Mustards Grill book, my go-to entertaining dish is the Achiote marinated chicken with black beans and mango salsa. In Big Small Plates, I love the empanada recipes and the tostada recipes.

The Crab Cakes

Be careful entering and exiting Highway 29 into Mustards Grill. it is very busy, and many people drive too fast.

Explore Yountville

Washington Street is where all the action is in Yountville. One can spend the entire day exploring. It is fun to browse the boutique shops, art galleries, and wine bars in Yountville. Yountville has many excellent restaurants and places to stay.

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