Best Yountville Restaurants


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Best Yountville Restaurants

Yountville, just a few miles north of Napa, is an ideal spot for wine country travelers. Walk along Washington Street in Yountville, and visitors will find shopping of all sorts, restaurants, and lodging. Yountville restaurants are the biggest draw to Yountville. The French Laundry is
a Three-Star Michelin-rated restaurant. The French Laundry has a long reservation waiting list, and it is expensive. No worries for travelers; there are other great choices for dining in Yountville.

Dining in Yountville - Order a Pizza at Ciccio
Ciccio – Wood-fried Italian dishes and pizza

Ad Hoc 
6476 Washington St.
(707) 944 2487

Bistro Jeanty
Jolly and fun
6510 Washington St.
(707) 944 0103

Michael Chiarello’s spot
6525 Washington Street
(707) 945-1050

6534 Washington St.
(707) 944 8037

Delicious pizzas
6770 Washington St.
(707) 945-1000

French Laundry
Thomas Keller – 3 Michelin Stars
6640 Washington St.
(707) 944-2380

Heritage Oak Yountville Hotel
6462 Washington Street
(707) 967-7900

La Calenda
Thomas Keller’s new Mexican restaurant 
6581 Washington Street
(833) 682-8226

Mustards Grill
A favorite of the wine folks
7399 St. Helena Highway
(707) 944-2424

North Block 
6757 Washington Street
(707) 944-8080

Perry Lang’s
Steak house
6539 Washington Street
(707) 945-4522

R+D Kitchen
6795 Washington St.
(707) 945-0920

RH Restaurant
6725 Washington St
(707) 339-4654

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