POSTED ON November 18, 2009 | IN Wine Bargains, Wine Information, Wine values | BY Joe Becerra

This is the time of the year for wine sales. This year more than any other, wineries are in need of selling a lot of wine and so wine sales should be plentiful. So how do you know if you are really getting a good deal or not on a bottle of wine? For example, you might see this sale: Edna Valley Chardonnay on sale for $11.99, regular price is $14.99. Ignore the regular price figure and compare the sale price to other wine retailers. The easiest way is to do this is use one of these three Websites to comparison shop.

I use the Wine-Searcher, WineZap, and Snooth. With each of these Websites you can simply enter the exact wine you are interested in comparing and you get a list of wine prices for various wine retailers. I usually do nothing more than compare prices. I rarely take the next step and click to go to the online retailer to buy the wine.

For a 2008 Edna Valley Chardonnay, I entered that exact Vintage into the three sites mentioned. I found the lowest price to be $8.49 and the highest price to be $15.99. I basically use these websites to compare wine prices and then shop locally to find the wine. There are two advantages to using Snooth. You can plug in your ZIP code and narrow the choices to local wine shops. Secondly, wine drinkers who have registered with Snooth can write their own reviews of the wine.

These three wine comparison sites do not always have the latest wine prices nor do they have prices from some of the biggest discounters of wine like Costco and Trader Joe’s.


Another way to keep up with bargain wines is to join Good Cheap Vino. This is a social Website that we began in order to search for the ultimate wine bargains. When a member finds a great deal, they post it on Good Cheap Vino for the other members to know about.

One last thing, a disclosure about Snooth. On the right column you will notice a Snooth Widget. Every time one uses the widget to search for wine, I get a couple of pennies put into my account.