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Joe Becerra

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Clos Pegase is one of our favorite Napa Valley wineries. If we are anywhere near the winery we make it a point to stop by just to take a look around. What interests us most about this winery is not the wine, but its spectacular architecture and the fascinating artwork displayed throughout the winery premises. We are sure that there are a lot folks who think the architecture maybe out of place for Napa Valley, but we think it has a beauty all its own and fits neatly into the vineyard setting. There is a certain quiet and serene atmosphere that pervades this entire winery.

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Jan Shrem is the owner and winemaker. Jan made his fortune working in Japan. He built a successful business in Japan mostly in translating English language technical books and publishing them in Japanese. He returned to the U.S., learned winemaking, and started Clos Pegase. In 1987, Jan selected renowned architect Michael Graves from a competition of 96 entrants to build Clos Pegase. The winery structure is spectacular, especially on a sunny day with its colors against a blue sky. The shadows cast by the sun at various times of the day add to the intrigue of this place.

There is artwork everywhere, in the courtyard, the tasting room and the gardens. Probably the most interesting and conversational piece is the huge thumb in the gardens on the backside of the winery. One cannot miss seeing it or pass up a chance to photograph it.

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There are two tiers of tasting, $10 and $15. We did the $10 tasting and thought the wines were excellent. Our favorite wine is a blend called Clos Pegaso. This wine is sold only at the winery and to wine club members. With each vintage this blend varies but it is usually a blend of Zinfandel, Petite Syrah, and Merlot. We are on the winery’s email list. They seem of have many wine events and wine specials. It is a good mailing list to be on.

The winery is located near Calistoga, just off the Silverado Trail on Dunaweal Lane. There are tours scheduled at 11 am and 2 pm. There is a picnic area but it does not have much of a vineyard view.

The Good: The architecture, artwork, and setting. Good wines.
The Bad: Tasting fee, can be busy with visitors.

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