A Vineyard Year


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Joe Becerra

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Wine Country Photography for Wine Lovers. Frame it

We miss the wine country of California. March will mark one year since our last trip to the wine country. We are inching closer to getting back to wine country visits. We will soon have both doses of the COVID vaccine and will feel much safer to travel. Masks will still be most important.

We enjoy watching this slide video that we put together several years ago. These are photos that I shot over many seasons of visiting the wine country. The slide show gives a brief glimpse of the four seasons in wine country. You will see that wine country is beautiful any time of the year. 

Jazz musician Marc Cary provides the background music from his CD “Focus.” The title “Walk With Me” is so appropriate. Watch the video and walk with me through my rendition of the four seasons in the vineyards.

The Four Seasons in the Vineyards

  • Joe Becerra

    Joe Becerra has been traveling to wine country and enjoying wine since 1965. He is a retired educator, and now have the time the opportunity to share his wine travel experiences through this Website.

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