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Driving along Napa Valley’s Highway 29 in Yountville, you can’t help but see the Yountville Veterans Home and Cemetery up on the hill to the West. Ever wonder about the place? Well, here is some information.

Janelle wanted to take some time to stop by the Veterans Cemetery in Yountville to “visit” her great-grandfather who’s buried there. We stopped at the office first to find out where his gravesite was. The volunteer at the office was quite helpful and gave us a map to the cemetery. We were struck by the serenity of the grounds dotted with white grave markers in a beautiful green field covered with enormous oak trees. We easily found the gravesite of John Fallon.

yountville veterans home

After spending a few minutes at the site, we went to the office to find out what information they had on the veterans who are buried there. We had known that John Fallon had served in the Spanish-American War and we were able to learn that he was born in 1859 and died in 1913. We also found out his dates of service in the Navy.

We then continued to the Library to get some printed information on the Veterans Home and Museum. The library is located in what appears to be a very active Recreation Center.The center also includes a game room, a barbershop, and a fitness center.

The Veterans Home of California was officially opened in 1884 to provide shelter and care for disabled veterans. We did notice a lot of folks getting around with various degrees of help. They all seemed happy and quite busy doing something. Next time you’re in Napa take a moment to visit the place. A walk through the cemetery is quite a surreal.experience.

Yountville Veterans

If you visit the Veterans Home, you may want to take a few extra minutes to stop in at the Napa Valley Museum, located on the grounds of the Home. It’s small but has an interesting exhibit on the history of the wine country as well as works by local artists.

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  1. It seems everything in Napa Valley is beautiful. The cemetery looks so peaceful and well kept. I am especially impressed with the condition of the cemetery monuments. If John’s headstone is a good representation of the state of the monuments, then I must visit. Great post.

  2. I too was very pleased to see such a well kept veterans cemetery so serene among the bright glowing fields of wine grape vines! I was especially interested in learning so much California and national history by reading information in the museum on the many exciting old monuments.
    I had not realized how big a part Californians and their gold supported the Union during the Civil War! Veterans of that war and all other wars are buried here. Current vets and others visit the male and female residents for recreational activities playing baseball, golfing etc. Outdoor booths for fun contests and games and annual barbecue are set up for the biggest celebration close to July 4th . This is a memorable site to visit between casual wine tastings.

  3. I’ve been unable to locate a Website for the Yountville Veterans Cemetary office. Perhaps you can provide it for me.

    I am a Korean War Veteran and retired US Commercial Attache currently residing in Saint LO, France. I am planning a return trip back to my home state of California in November.

    During this visit, I would like to locate the grave site of my Grandfather, James Joseph Walsh, who served in the USN during the Spanish American War and World War I. He resided at the Yountville Veterans home at the time of his passing in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s.

    Prior to my return I would like to contact the Veterans Cemetary to confirm the location of his burial site.

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide me in contacting the Yountville Veterans Cemetary’s office.

    Paul S. Lessig

  4. Great comments from all. My apologies to Paul Lessig. I wrote the blog and copied the website from printed information I’d gathered.
    The address: is incorrect, but I can’t find any info on a correct website for the cemetery. I was given a phone number (707-944-4814) but the line has been consistently busy.

    I will try to get the correct information soon (although we’re leaving for 11 days tomorrow) and get it to you.

    Thanks again for the message. Janelle

  5. According to findagrave, cemetery contact information is:
    Veterans Home of California
    Marcella M. McCormack
    Phone: 707-944-4600
    FAX: 707-944-5005

  6. I just called again and the number KK has eventually got me to the office of Carol Debell, Senior Librarian in Archives. She was not in today because 3 Fridays a month are Furlough Fridays. The woman who answered the phone did find a JAMES WALSH who died on 2/14/41 and is buried there at the Veterans Home. I hope this is who PAUL LESSIG is looking for.

    Carol Debell has all the old records, so I’d try her at 707-944-4792.

    Good luck and let me know what you find out! Janelle

  7. Please contact me. My father is a Napa resident who passed away last Thursday. He served in the armed forces and my family would like to speak with someone who can answer some questions about his burial options at Yountville Veterans Home.

    Thank you,

    Stefanie Sisto

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