POSTED ON July 8, 2014 | IN Wine Photo of the Day | BY Joe Becerra
Funny wine tasting signage

Funny wine tasting signage

Funny Wine Tasting Signage

We have been traveling the wine country for more than forty years and have seen our fair share of funny wine tasting signage. We have a slew of photos and will post them from time to time on this area of the Website we have entitled “Wine Country Photo of the Day.” The poor guy who posted this sign probably had the the last straw when someone pulled into this driveway reprimanding him for not having a parking space for patrons. We spotted this sign a year ago at the Wine Bloggers Conference. This was a pre-conference excursion to the Lake Chelan area in the state of Washington. This is a beautiful area, much like the Lake Tahoe area in California and Nevada. The only exception is that there are wonderful vineyards and wineries that line the Lake Chelan shore. Lake Chelan gives you the best of two vacations. Relaxing in a lake resort area, while smack in the middle of wine country. Just don’t take the wrong wine tasting trail!

Tomorrow we leave for Paso Robles and Santa Barbara wine country for the 7th annual Wine Bloggers Conference. We will visit several wineries and, of course, sample many wines and enjoy food and friendship. I will have plenty of wine country photos to post.

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