The Top Restaurants In and Around the Town of Mendocino


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The upscale and fabulous Cafe Beaujolais
The upscale and fabulous Cafe Beaujolais

These are the top restaurants In and around the town of Mendocino. Mendocino has some of California finest restaurants. Each year Restaurants in Mendocino receive rave reviews from the gourmet critics. Mendocino is one of the best places for a romantic dinner. Here is our list of the very top restaurants in in Mendocino and nearby areas.

The Albion River Inn
3790 Shoreline Highway
Albion; 800-479-7944

Café Beaujolais
961 Ukiah Street (707) 937-5614

Luna Tattoria
955 Ukiah Street (707) 962-3093

MacCallum Inn
45020 Albion Street
Mendocino; (707) 937-5763

Mendocino Cafe
10451 Lansing Street (707) 937-614

Patterson’s Pub
10485 Lansing Street (707) 937-4782

The Restaurant at Stevenswood
8211 Shoreline Hwy
Little River; (707) 937-2810

Trillium Cafe & Inn
10390 Kasten Street 707 937-3200

Looking for a lighter dinner meal. Try the bar menu at either the

Mendocino Hotel
MacCallum Inn

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