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Joe Becerra

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On the Napa Side

Model Bakery – Owbow Market
644 First Street
Napa, CA (707) 8192

Genova Delicatessen Deli
1550 Trancas St, Napa
707 253-8686

On the Sonoma Side

Sonoma Cheese Factory
2 Spain Street “On The Plaza”
Sonoma, (707)996-1931 – FAX: (707)935-3535

Sonoma Market
500 West Napa St
Sonoma, (707) 996 3411

Carneros Deli
23001 Arnold Dr.
Sonoma, (707) 939-1646

Top Picnic Spots – Carneros Wine Region

Cline Cellars

Larson Family Winery

Robledo Family Winery

Truchard Vineyards (Call for Appointment)

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