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There are 148 acres of vineyards planted in the mountain sides of the Rockpile Ridge area high above Lake Sonoma. The vines are stressed to the max and as a result not much juice that comes from these grapes. The wines made from the Rockpile vines are big, bold, and full of fruit flavors.

  • The Rockpile AVA is located in a remote region at the end of the Dry Creek Valley AVA in Sonoma County.  To travel to this AVA, take Dry Creek Road to its end past the Lake Sonoma Visitor Center. Look for Rockpile Road.
  • The Rockpile region has an elevation of at least 800 feet or more.
  • The Rockpile vineyards at this altitude are above the summer fog line. That means plenty of sunshine. The summer temperatures at this altitude are moderate. Afternoon winds can be very strong.
  • The vines are stressed by the rocky hillside conditions. This results in small grape yields with intense flavors.

Rockpile Zinfandel – Characteristics

  • A lush and complex wine with flavors of spice, blueberry, and blackberry.

Wineries Making Rockpile Zinfandel

Because of the limited number of vineyards and the demand for Rockpile Zinfandel these wines are in short supply. One usually has to become a member of the winery’s wine club in order to obtain Rockpile.

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