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Goldeneye  in the Anderson Valley

Wine Country Backroad Anderson Valley

We have been taking this wine country backroad of Anderson Valley, Highway 128 West, since the early 1970’s. We always spend a few hours at the wineries between Philo and Navarro on our way to a weekend in the town of Mendocino. Things are now much different in 2015, with many more wineries to visit and many folks making it an overnight stay in the Anderson Valley.  This backroad begins in the Yorkville Highlands wine AVA and shortly enters the Anderson Valley. This is Highway 128 that leads from Cloverdale on Highway 101 to the Pacific Ocean at Highway 1. Take the last Cloverdale exit on Highway 101 as you head north and follow Highway 128 West. The Yorkville Highlands AVA is approximately 15 miles west on Highway 128 from Cloverdale and stretches for 10 miles. The climate and geography changes as one arrives in Boonville where the Anderson Valley begins. On weekends this can be a busy wine country backroad as tourists flock to the wineries in the Anderson Valley or head to the romantic seaside town of Mendocino. In the Yorkville Highlands the climate is warmer, so the warm weather grapes of Cabernet, Merlot, and Syrah flourish. In the Anderson Valley the climate is much cooler due to the influence of the Pacific Ocean and the fog belt it produces. In the Anderson Valley, it is Pinot Noir that is king. In the white wines, many wineries produce outstanding Alsatian wines. In Yorkville, not to be missed is Yorkville Cellars. It is one of our favorite wineries; they make delicious wines and farm organically. In the Anderson Valley, we always stop at Navarro Vineyards, Goldeneye and Handley. There are many more wonderful wineries and we like to visit at least one winery that we had not previously visited. Just in the past few years, the Anderson Valley has seen a dramatic increase in wineries. The area is still beautiful and serene. There are several delis and wineries with picnic areas. We love to have a picnic lunch with either a glass of Pinot Noir or a glass of Riesling wine at one of the many wineries that have gorgeous picnic areas for guests. Check our list of wineries with picnic areas and where to purchase your deli lunch.

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Wine Country Backroad Anderson Valley Wine Map