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Washington red wines
Joe and Janelle in the Yakima Valley

Washington Reds and Wine Country

I recently received a sample of the 2019 Trothe Cabernet Sauvignon from the Horse Heaven Hills AVA in the state of Washington. As soon as I tasted the wine, I instantly recalled the times we’d spent exploring the wine regions of Washington State. The Columbia Valley is the main wine appellation in Washington. It is composed of many sub-appellations, including the Yakima Valley, Red Mountain, and Horse Heaven Hills. The Columbia Valley is spectacular in its beauty and as a wine-growing region. It is all about red wines and, in particular, Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes yield wines that are deep and robust in flavors. The wines burst with energy and vibrance. If you are a wine country lover, a trip to this area is well worth your time.

We’ve visited Washington State twice in the last ten years, traveling from our home in Northern California. We love all the AVA’s of Washington. They make compelling wines. Not only do wine grapes thrive in Washington, but so does other delicious produce. Most popular are apples, cherries and hops for brewing beer. On both trips I have concluded that the Columbia Valley is on a par with both the Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. Plus, it is much less crowded and tasting fees are reasonable. The vibe and “wine speak” are less hectic, and the atmosphere is much more laid-back.

The main city in Washington wine country is Walla Walla. The city has several good lodging choices, and the downtown area is flush with wine tasting rooms. The Spring, Summer, and Fall are the best times of the year to visit. 

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More on the 2019 Trothe Cabernet Sauvignon

Trothe Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2019 Trothe Cabernet is a fully elegant wine with complex flavors that excite with every sip. The wine is full-bodied without being taxing. We paired the Trothe with braised beef ribs, and it was a perfect match. The wine has a velvety touch that meshes well with the reduction sauce on the ribs.

We have tasted many red wines from both Horse Heaven Hills and the Red Mountain wine regions. The Cabs are always deep and complex and a delight to drink. Many are expensive but worth the splurge for a special occasion. Once you taste them, you may never go back to Napa Cabs.

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