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Joe Becerra

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Yes, the wine country is open. Tasting is outdoors and mostly by reservation. Visitors are back, but in fewer numbers. The fact is that small artisan wineries are hurting. The smaller wineries do not have the lavish outdoor tasting areas or big PR companies to promote their brand and bring in tourism.

The boutique wineries do not make a lot of wine and, because of this factor, there are no channels for distribution. They rely on tourists. They count on getting their wines into restaurants. How many boutique wineries will be able to survive by the time the Pandemic is over?

Dutton Goldfield is a Vinopal partner

In Sonoma wine country, an idea grew to help the artisan wine producers. It is Vinopal. Vinopal and a select number of small wineries will partner to offer wine sales at distributor prices. Vinopal will enable these wineries to sell directly to the consumer and not to a middle-man. It is a Win-Win for both the winery and the wine consumer.

The consumer who joins Vinopal will be able to see a wine for sale each day. For example, the first wine on the docket is Red Car Sonoma Chardonnay. It has a 91-Point rating and lists for $38. The price on VinoPal is $26. Purchase four-to-six bottles, and shipping is free.

The consumer gets a great wine deal, and the winery keeps itself in business. WineCountryGetaways is working with Vinopal as an Affiliate. When a reader registers at Vinopal by clicking on the link below and later buys wine, we get a small commission. It will help us defray Web hosting and other business fees. You will be helping out the small wineries. Don’t let them be gobbled up by the big wine companies.

Join now: Link to Vinopal and today’s wine bargain.

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