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Wine tasting among the Redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains

Santa Cruz Mountains

The Santa Cruz Mountains are all about the stunning forests of the Coastal Redwoods. Interspersed among the Redwoods are mountain homes and mountain wineries. The Santa Cruz Mountains have thousands of acres of Redwoods and 200 small vineyards. It is a stunning area and where one can enjoy wine, vineyards, and Redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Continuing our theme of enjoying the Redwood Trees and vineyards (See Previous Article), we take a one-day trip to the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

Beauregard Vineyards

We began this trip by taking a beautiful ride south along Highway 1 from Half Moon Bay to Bonny Doon Road. Bonny Doon Road is just past the town of Davenport. We turned left onto Bonny Doon Road, and drove 3.7 miles to Pine Flat Road and Beauregard Vineyards.

The Beauregard winery specializes in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. The vineyards are close to the Pacific Coast and receive a daily dose of beautiful fog and cool temperatures. Where we find a climate ideal for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, we find the Coastal Redwoods.

The tasting room at Beauregard is small but cozy. COVID produced a better tasting venue for Beauregard, outside among the breathtaking Redwoods. Beauregard takes walk-ins; but it is best to have an appointment, especially on weekends. At the time of our visit, the tasting fee was $25 per person. The well-informed staff pour five wines at a leisurely pace. Visitors can also buy wine by the glass or a full bottle and enjoy a picnic lunch under the Redwoods.

Check out these photos of Beauregard:

More Redwoods, Vineyards, and a Steam Engine

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

About 20 minutes away from Beauregard is Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. The road is curvy, so take your time and definitely have a designated driver. Program your phone map and take Ice Cream Grade and Felton Empire Road to the park entrance. There are many hiking trails in the park, and nearby is the Redwood Forest Steam Engine. Adults and children love this exciting steam engine ride through the Redwoods. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the lovely park.

We headed back home via Highway 9 and Highway 35. We made one more winery stop at Thomas Fogarty Winery, 19501 Skyline Blvd in Woodside. The views of the San Francisco Bay and the Peninsula are fantastic. The wine is equally as good. The winery requires reservations, so book ahead of your trip.

View at Thomas Fogarty

There are several other great wineries to visit in the Santa Cruz Mts. Some favorites:

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