POSTED ON October 3, 2014 | IN Wine Photo of the Day | BY Joe Becerra
burgundy vineyard tractor

One of the many tractors we saw in the vineyards of Montrachet in Burgundy

The Vineyard Tractor of Burgundy

The 2014 harvest in Burgundy was completed in mid September. The vineyard work in Burgundy is year round. As they say in Burgundy, “We grow our wine, we do not make it.” Everywhere in the vineyards and on small backroads of Burgundy we see this tractor. It is the workhorse of Burgundy. It can do a variety of jobs and this tractor is made specifically for Burgundy vineyards. In the Montrachet vineyards, we saw at least a dozen of these tractors at work. We shot the short video below of a tractor with an attached chair. The tractor is made to ride over a single row of vines. In this case the chair sits over the next row of vines. We were not quite sure what the man sitting in the chair was doing. Was he inspecting the vines or just enjoying a leisurely ride through these beautiful vineyards? See for yourself.