Introduction to California wine country

California wine country

Introduction to California Wine Country

This is a quick and easy introduction to the California wine country and suggestions on how you can use Wine Country Getaways to plan an exciting trip to the wine country. First watch this short two-minute video to get a quick start on how to use Wine Country Getaways. After you watch the video, click on the menu bar or links below to begin planning your trip to the California wine country.


Important California wine country planning links

A few ideas to consider for California wine country

Wine Country Getaways has twelve distinct wine regions in California, detailed with wine trails including lodging and dining suggestions. There are other wine regions we have yet to cover. The twelve regions we have selected in our planning guide are the most recognized wine regions in California. These regions are more attractive to travelers in terms of choices for lodging, dining and other activities. Because of the California climate, a wine country traveler can visit these wine regions and wineries throughout the year. Each season has its own distinct beauty.