Planning That Napa Valley Wine Country Getaway with Friends


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Joe Becerra

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It’s time to enjoy a weekend of fun, laughter, and relaxation in the Napa Valley wine country.

Gather your group of friends and follow these planning steps for a fun-filled weekend of good wine, food, and most of all good friends.

Napa Trip Planning Checklist

  • Someone in your group must take the roll of the organizer. Maybe it is you! Here are just a few items to consider that will make your trip more successful and fun.
  • Give the trip a name. Example: 4th Annual Ladies’ Getaway to Napa Wine Country
  • Select the dates and the location: Calistoga, Yountville, etc.
  • Select the hotel and try to negotiate a price for all the rooms. Use our Lodging Tool on the right or visit our Napa Lodging page to find the right accommodations and the right price.
  • Plan the itinerary. This includes hiring a limo for a day of wine tasting and selecting the wineries you wish to visit. Use our handy Trip Planning Tool or select one of our Napa Wine Trails. Visit 3 to 4 wineries.
  • Consider taking a tour at one of the wineries. The Trip Planner shows you which wineries have tours.
  • Talk to the limo service about arranging lunch at one of the wineries you are visiting.
  • Book your restauarnt for both nights. If the restaurant is not within walking distance, book a cab. There are several taxi companies that operate in the Napa Valley. Check our Napa Restaurant page for the top restaurants.
  • Bring some appetizers for your wine cocktail hour before dinner.
  • Arrange for other activities as needed: Massage, shopping, mud bath, golf, church, etc.
  • Collect the fees up front for the lodging, limousine, and picnic lunch.
  • When the plans are finalized, send an itinerary to all.
  • Most importantly of all, have fun in the Napa Valley.
  • Watch this short video for the most important travel tips

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    Joe Becerra has been traveling to wine country and enjoying wine since 1965. He is a retired educator, and now have the time the opportunity to share his wine travel experiences through this Website.

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